2019 m. sausio 11 d. kviečiame susitikti prie kavos puodelio ir aptarti asociacijos vaidmenį bendrųjų programų atnaujinimo procese bei įvairius anglų kalbos pedagogams rūpimus ugdymo turinio aspektus. Susitikime dalyvaus ŠMM specialistė Irena Raudienė, kuri atsakys į mūsų klausimus. 
Laikas: 13:00-16:00 val.
Vieta: VDU Švietimo akademija, Vilnius, T. Ševčenkos g. 31, 302 auditorija.


Jei negalėsite dalyvauti susitikime, prašytume pareikšti savo klausimus, pastabas, siūlymus šioje trumpoje anketoje: goo.gl/yaSdnG iki sausio 10 d.
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Professional development seminar USING TRANSLATION IN ENGLISH LESSONS
Date: Friday, 18 January 2019. 
Venue: VDU Švietimo akademija, T. Ševčenkos g. 31, Vilnius. ROOM 322
Duration: 6 academic hours (12:00-16:30)
Registration starts at 11:30. ROOM 302.
Fee: 15 EUR for LAKMA 2019 members | 35 EUR for non-members. 
The fee includes seminar input, materials, coffee with snacks and a certificate.
Registration and payment by 15 January 2019.
An invoice (sąskaita-faktūra) will be issued to each participant upon registration at the venue.
Registration CLOSED.
Facilitators: Rita BAKANIENĖ and Birutė BERSĖNIENĖ


The seminar aims to introduce the methodology of TILT (translation in language teaching, Cook, 2010), which is gaining significance in the present-day multilingual world, one of the reasons being that translation is now used on a daily basis and it no longer is an exceptionally-specialist concern or a narrow domain of linguistic activity. The presenters will offer practical activities and provide guidance on how to integrate translation tasks into English lessons at different levels (lower-secondary and upper-secondary), with focus on vocabulary, grammar structures, skills of dictionary use, translation techniques, and intercultural understanding.

12:00-14:00 Part One. Teaching language by means of translation (Rita Bakanienė)

  • Translation in the classroom: discussion of arguments for and against it. The participants will be introduced to the widely spread beliefs against using translation in the classroom, every argument will be discussed in order to reveal the benefits of translation for language learning.
  • Setting up translation activities in the classroom. The participants will take part in a simulated lesson with pre-, while- and post-translation activities.
  • More classroom practice for different level learners. The participants will try out some more translation activities and will get a list of tasks to be used in their lessons.  The choice of texts and possible translation assessment criteria will be discussed.

14:00-14:30 Coffee break

14:30-16:30 Part Two. Teaching translation as a skill (Birutė Bersėnienė)                      

  • Translation as a form of mediation. Some issues in assuring quality in translation. The participants will be asked to discuss the quality of several translation excerpts (both EN to LT and LT to EN) and note a range of transformations in translation.
  • For practice in editing, the participants will be asked to judge the quality of translation from EN to LT on the basis of one text presented in the original and its translation to LT (several versions).
  • Student own-language activities will include: recasting personally, dictionary cross-checking, bilingual word associations, grammar/vocabulary revision with reverse translation, etc. The idea and elements of transcreation will be conveyed by analysing the language of advertisements and text headlines and their possible translation variants.


Rita Bakanienė is a teacher of English at Vilnius Martynas Mažvydas Pregymnasium. She has also worked for the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences where she taught courses on Translation, Text Analysis and Modern English. She has been active as a freelance translator for a number of years and researched translation of the Lithuanian cultural realia into English.

Birutė Bersėnienė is a lecturer at Vilnius Business College, teaching Translation and Editing, English Lexicology and Lexicography and Introduction to Communication Studies. She has also taught ELT Didactics, Text Analysis, and Academic Writing at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. She has done a great number of translations ranging in subject matter, volume and genre.


2019 WINTER SCHOOL with Rhonda PETREE and Cristina BERRY, USA
Date: 21-22 February 2019.
Venue: T. Ševčenkos g. 31, Vilnius.
Target audience:
Day One - primary level teachers
Day Two - lower secondary level teachers
Topics for Day One / Primary Level
  • Gaining content through Readers Theater 
  • Ready, set, action: Active teaching strategies to promote language and content development
  • Content learning through Project-Based Learning: Models, resources, and techniques
Topics for Day Two / Secondary Level 
  • Content from TED Talks - structured discussion sessions
  • Non-fiction and fiction guided reading groups
  • Oral History Project
You can register for either Day One, or Day Two, or for both days.