The main objective of LATEFL CLIL SIG is to provide the CLIL SIG members with the opportunity to disseminate good practice in CLIL by exchanging experience and to increase their level of competence through round table discussions, seminars, workshops and conferences. Linked to the main objective, CLIL SIG aims at:

1. enhancing different teachers’  interest in the innovative methodology of CLIL;

2. providing up-to-date information concerning advances in CLIL, and maintaining both subject and language proficiencies;

3. helping teachers to prepare for their educational work in the sphere of CLIL through continuous self-improvement and better awareness of CLIL;

4. providing guidance to professionals new or relatively new to CLIL;

5. providing consultancy to individuals and organisations on CLIL matters;

6. establishing relations and encouraging cooperation with CLIL SIGs from other Teacher Associations locally and internationally;

7. facilitating communication among teachers across the partner countries;

8. organising joint events with organisations of a similar interest and profile.


Activity plan for the academic year 2014-2015:

1.Conducting needs analysis of CLIL SIG members   

2. Preparation for the international LAKMA conference “Focus on CLIL – Lithuania 2015”

3.Preparation of the series of seminars “CLIL Essentials”